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Products Catalog
Products Catalog
We are a company dedicated to the supply and distribution of natural and organic products in Europe. We offer a wide variety of products and raw materials with a primary focus on 3 important industries: Food, Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals

We take pride in being reachable and provide you with the best we have to offer wherever you are thanks to our convenient warehouse locations:

IN 2023...

We delivered products in more than 10 countries
We sold more than 2200MT of conventional product
We sold more than 650MT of organic product

Competitive Advantages

We firmly believe customer service is the main drive of our business model. This is what sets us apart from other companies in the industry. As such, as our client and being our most important priority, you may expect nothing short of efficient responses tailored to your specific needs.
Our team members have extensive knowledge and years of experience in the industry, enabling them to offer you excellent assistance tailored to your needs when it comes to our products.
Our products are stored in two state-of-the-art warehouses located in major european logistic hubs, thus making it possible for us to provide you with the best product available on short notice.
Our compact but efficient team is dedicated to delivering top-notch service to our clientele. With diverse backgrounds and nationalities represented, we effortlessly serve clients internationally, ensuring every day is vibrant and engaging at the office.
Managing Director
Benjamin Svartz
Sales Financial Coordinator
Antonio Bucio
Sales Manager
Xavier Bautista
Sales Administrative Assistant
Agustina Pittaluga