World food Moscow 23 – September 25, 2020, in Moscow, Russia

World Food Moscow es la feria de la industria alimentaria más importante de Rusia. Esta feria anual que se realiza desde 1992, es utilizada por los productores y distribuidores locales y extranjeros como una herramienta para introducir sus marcas en el mercado ruso.

World Food Moscow is the most important food industry fair in Russia. This annual fair, held since 1992, is used by local and foreign producers and distributors as a tool to introduce their brands in the Russian market.

The exhibition receives a large number of food and beverage producers, local and international. Where 55 countries and thousands of professional visitors are represented, as well as demonstrating their products and services for the food retail sector, catering, chefs, wholesalers and distributors.

The fair is segmented into twelve main areas; these are the following:

● Grocery – food in general and national pavilions

● Frozen foods – frozen foods

● Confectionery – confectionery, cakes and biscuits

● Canned food – canned food

● Oils, Fats & Sauces – oils, fats and sauces

● Dairy products – milk and dairy products

● Meat & Poultry – meat and poultry

● Drinks – alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

● Fish & Seafood – fish and seafood

● Fruit & Vegetables – fruits and vegetables

● Tea & Coffee – tea and coffee

● Organic and Health food – Organic and healthy food

This event has become a compulsory meeting point for industrialists and professionals in the food sector.

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