Refined High Oleic Safflower Oil

The richest source of Omega-6

Safflower oil is a high oleic oil that represents an ideal alternative in every way. It provides nutritional values to anyone who consumes it and is refined with the highest technology to perfectly remove impurities from it.

Ideal for:

◆ Used as an ingredient for many food industry applications because of its excellent stability.

◆ Perfect for cooking at high temperatures and frying.

◆ High levels of oleic acid provide safflower oil with stability and long shelf life.

Nutrition benefits:

◆ The fatty acid composition of this oil is similar to that of olive oil (oleic acid) but with a mild flavor.

◆ Lower in saturated fats than other oils.

◆ No trans-fat.

Cosmetic – pharma benefits:

◆ Added in products such as sunscreens and moisturizers due to its ability to soften skin, lips and hair.

◆ Designed for all kinds of cosmetic products, showing a great compatibility with all cosmetic ingredients.

◆ Fast and easy absorption, suitable for all skin types.

◆ Carrier of liposoluble vitamins.

◆ It leaves a protective film, which makes it a popular base oil for creams and lotions.