Refined Sesame Oil

Bright transparent appearance without aroma or color

It withstands high temperatures without altering the flavor of your foods, making it ideal for cooking and frying. An excellent ingredient to complement and highlight the flavor of your favorite dishes.

Ideal for:

◆ Oriental cuisine.

◆ Bakery.

◆ Dressings and sauces.

◆ Snack manufacturing and frying foods.

◆ Marinades for meat, chicken or fish.

◆ Spray coating for cereal, crackers and dried fruit.

◆ Deep frying.

Nutrition benefits:

◆ Omega 6.

◆ Cholesterol free.

◆ Trans fats free.

◆ Reduce LDL cholesterol.

◆ Natural antioxidants.

Cosmetic – pharma benefits:

◆ Added in products such as sunscreen and moisturizers due to its ability to soften skin, lips and hair.

◆ Can be used to condition your hair, acting as a shield against the elements.

◆ Fast and easy absorption.

◆ Excellent carrier of liposoluble vitamins.