Grains & Seeds

Chia Seeds

The most popular ancient superfood known in the vegetal kingdom due to its high contribution in Omega 3 and essential nutrients.

  • Salads, fruits and vegetables complement.

  • Flavored water and popsicles.

  • Smoothies.

  • Baking and confectionary.

  • Energy bars and granolas.

  • Jelly and jams.

  • Like many oilseeds which are high in Omega-3, chia oil may be degraded when heated so it is best to use in uncooked or finished dishes.
  • In the nutraceutical industry chia oil is used in gel caps as a supplement high in Omega-3.
  • Cosmetic industry: Due to its properties, chia oil is suitable for cosmetics and personal care products elaboration.
All of our Vegetable Oil products come packaged in the following options:

  • 195 kg Drum
  • 920 kg Tote
  • 920 kg IBC
  • 22000 kg Flexitank