Coocked chickpeas

The consumption of chickpeas provides our body with a multitude of nutritional benefits

Ready to eat chickpeas, where chickpeas are first pre-cleaned, then they are soaked for a few hours before being cooked into a metallic pouch, this product is sterilized which means that it remains safe and keeps its properties for 2 years. This legume stands out as a good source of vegetable protein, so it is recommended as a main ingredient in vegan and vegetarian diets.

Ideal for:

◆ Perfect snacking food.

◆ Middle Eastern cuisine like hummus and falafel.

◆ Plant based recipes.

◆ Complement to soups and salads.

Nutrition benefits:

◆ Rich in protein and energy.

◆ Easily digestible for optimal nutrient absorption.

◆ Good source of fiber.

◆ Source of iron.